Welcome to the first briefing of 2019. We wish you a fantastic, inspiring and goal achieving 2019.
On the first of January, these daffodils were growing in our road. What a fantastic reminder of spring, as the days get marginally longer here in Guildford.

We asked our neighbours Robin and Jill how this was possible to have daffodils on New Years Day.  As none of our garden daffodils were anywhere near flowering. 
I thought there must be some “magic” going on. Robin told me that they were Cornish bulbs given to them by his brother and they must still be on Cornish time!
It made me think we need to inject a little “magic” into 2019, by taking more action to get things done. As a great friend of mine says, ACTION IS THE KEY, to unlocking opportunities. What action should you take now?
If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there – Lewis Carroll

Goal setting is very important to your success! Wise successful people understand that goal setting is vital to their achievements. You may be interested in my report written for my coaching clients here. Goal setting reportSetting goals in all areas of your life can be very powerful. There is a table in the report which is in a simple format, within a word document that you can use.Remember a little magic that comes into play when you write the goals down in your own handwriting. Keep them with you every day and remind yourself of them. 
When you get new ideas, write them down immediately. Psychologically what you are doing is focusing your brain on what you want. This has a very very powerful effect. THINK IT – INK IT.
Negotiation tip for January

Be careful where you sit in a meeting when you want to Influence, Persuade and Negotiate with people.
When I was consulting in Doha, Qatar I took this photo of the boardroom the client I was working for. I asked the client where they would normally sit if they were negotiating a contract. 
To my surprise they suggested across the table, as in the picture.
You and I know if you sit opposite someone, you set up a subliminal confrontation, as you are in your space and they are in their space. You are also too far away to be at “arm’s length” which is the normal distance for a “win win” business negotiation.  In this picture, the sides will be about 6 feet apart before they start the negotiation process.
So what is the best thing to do?
1 – Use a round table. King Arthur was clearly right.2 – Sit at one end of the table with the other side3 – Don’t sit down until the other side arrives, so you can choose where you sit. Avoiding finding yourself in a THEM and US (win / lose) seating situation.
Remember these seating tips apply to any kind of meeting, formal or informal.
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Finally congratulations to briefing reader Alison Brittain who was awarded the CBE in the New Years Honours list, for services to business. How fantastic is that?

Alison has been a  reader since the start of this briefing 14 years ago. I have worked on some projects with Alison over the years including running a mega negotiation masterclass with her and her team.

Please share your energy and enthusiasm with other people. Let them catch your energy. As an Inspirational  Speaker that is a key part of my job. Enthusing and energising an audience when we are discussing the key business subject of Negotiation. A subject that will make a massive difference to your bottom line results.