Irritators – words that cause conflict, particularly in Negotiations

These are words, phrases that will irritate the other side and cause more conflict.

According to the Harvard Business School when I was there. They told me that average negotiators would use 10.8 irritators an hour. Yet professional negotiators would use only 2.3 irritators an hour.

Take irritators out of your language.

Here are examples of some irritators

It’s always the same here
..with people like you
You don’t understand
Get a grip on your business
Your company is hopeless
You are hopeless
Terrible service
My time is precious
Times have changed for the worse
Why don’t you do things properly?
Employ more intelligent people instead of donkeys
Read things properly
It’s ever since people like you stopped listening
You are always ripping people off
There is no trust these days
Price is ridiculous
No extras anymore
Cannot believe it
You are joking
You are bonkers
It’s stupid
I am furious with what has happened

be careful with your language when you are negotiating

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