Introverts and Extroverts in Business – Derek Arden With Jon Baker

Jon Baker is the author of three books and specialises in introversion and extroversion. He is the “go-to expert” for anyone who wants to improve the productivity of their team.

Jon says, “33% of people are not fully productive at work and the most common reason relates to introversion. How can such a simple subject matter so much and what can you do about it?”

Jon talks to Derek Arden about issues around productivity, engagement, creativity and introversion in business; together with dispelling some of the common myths.


From Chris Barker : A lot is about listening skills – respect to wait and listen or lack of it
From Tim Durkin : I have a technique that I learned from Red Team Thinking I can share if you want
From Nancy Loates-Taylor : And I’ll bet the extroverts won’t read the agenda and pre-reading!
From Nigel Kirby : Jon do tools like Miro Boards help with the group dynamics when collaborating?
From Jill English : The wonderful Michael Mallows introduced me to Nancy Kline’s ‘Time to Think’ – and he used the kitchen timer to give everyone 2 uninterrupted minutes
From Chris Barker : Yes Jill – can use that in ‘listening groups’
From Nancy Loates-Taylor : It’s a classic Jill! Still applies
From Nigel Kirby : Tim yes, please share your Red Team Thinking technique
From Godfrey Lancashire : there is confusion sometimes between social confidence and an extrovert
From Andrew Nisbet : Extroverts are seen as being self-confident and promote themselves more Introverts are often seen as lacking self-confidence and are backroom types
From Godfrey Lancashire : if they don’t like the ‘phone or face to face can they be a good leader?
From Tim Miller : It just occurred to me (following what Jon just said) that traditional interviews probably are heavily biased towards extroverts given that they demand instant answers
From Chris Barker : Context counts doesn’t it? Someone can have a natural preference to intro/extroversion but adapt to the situation at hand
From Nancy Loates-Taylor : I’m with you on that Chris Barker
From Jon Baker : Absolutely agree Chris
From Elvira Patrasco : Very useful Tim, thank you, I can use the technique straight away at work
From Will Kintish : TO TIM Loved that strategy thank you
From Tim Durkin : You are correct Elvira. Think 2 mins write 1 min share with two-three min and share with four-five mins (all times flexible) and then pick the spokesperson


Derek Arden

Jon Baker