Derek Arden in his Monday Night Live is interviewing Graham Jones About Internet Predictions

Derek Arden is with Psychologist Graham Jones to discuss Internet Predictions: Online Hate, Social Media and Emails.

They talk about issues facing universities, the problems with internet overload, emails going missing and the key points in Graham’s latest book which has a publishing deadline of 10th November.

A fascinating look into predictions for the Intenet points raised,

  • Studying online
  • disruption and emerging technologies,
  • Fox or Hedgehog,
  • TBD process,
  • Online hate,
  • psychopathy,
  • AI,
  • social media,
  • lost emails and traffic queues,
  • travel agents and disintermediation,
  • prediction or going backwards,
  • students views on social media,
  • ongoing content,
  • plagiarism,
  • supply chain


Derek Arden

Graham Jones