Welcome to December’s Briefing, thank you for opening it. 9 Tip top tips, for tip top people.

1 – This month’s negotiation tip. Take a time out to think things through
Christmas is reported in the media to be quite a stressful time of the year for some families. Particularly family members who don’t see each other very often. Someone needs to make sure everybody “negotiates” compromises on small things before they blow up into bigger issues. Yet at the same time people should keep cool if that doesn’t happen.
Just like in any negotiation situation, taking a time out, a break, a deep breath to think through what you say before you say anything, can be very beneficial. 
A family negotiation is just like in a business negotiation. Never forget to stop, listen, and think through the consequences before you say anything or take action. 

—————2 – If it seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.
John Ruskin the British Industrialist once said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”. Items are almost always sold at the market price. If it is too cheap, it probably doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. 
So don’t get emotionally carried away with the thrill of the purchase or the agreement.  Just STOP. Chew it over, sleep on it or chat it through with a trusted friend before you make the final decision.
————— 3 – The Word of the year – Misinformation Misinformation has been chosen by dictionary.com. Selected over disinformation deliberately, and intended to serve as a call to action, to be vigilant in the battle against fake news. Check all the information before you negotiate.
————–4 –  – Use an intermediary website for cash back

I use Quidco to buy holidays, travel and presents online. Why? Because Quidco works as an agency site. Collecting fees from the websites you use and then sharing the fees with the buyers. Click here to join
Over the last 8 years, we have had cash back of over £2,800 paid by Quidco straight into our bank account.
The website says, “Shop through Quidco and earn cash back on every purchase. Join here, it’s simple and free!  https://www.quidco.com/raf/383881/  It has worked for me. Try it, you normally get an introductory sum as well.
5 –  “Meet the experts” new interview. Peter Thomson.A couple of weeks ago I met with Peter for lunch in Leamington SpaI asked if I could interview him in his TV studio for my meet the expertsvideo channel and he readily agreed.
There are five brilliant takeaways in the short clip to use in 2019. 
The Acres of Diamonds is one of my favourite stories. Peter tells it here so well, don’t miss it. www.negotiatorspodcast.co.uk
————–6 – Baroness Trumpington was once an internet sensation.
Baroness Trumpington sadly passed away at the end of last month. 
An extraordinary woman and a real character. She was a land girl in the second world war, then a Bletchley Park code breaker and latterly in her life appointed the oldest ever female government minister. She remained in office until she was 75. 
Baroness Trumpington is famous for the V sign she gave to Lord King of Bridgewater in the House of Lords when he referred to her as looking pretty old. It went viral on the internet. Click here to watch her
7 – When I say to people  “Everything Is Negotiable” not everyone believes me.
 If any one says something is not negotiable to you. Say to yourself,“That is an interesting opening negotiating tactic”. 
To reinforce this having been told by everyone that Article 50 is not negotiable. I have just heard on the radio that it now is negotiable!!!
——————8 – Special offer – If you would like a free copy of my book Power Negotiation. Email me and ask for a copy and include a paragraph on one successful negotiation you have been involved in recently.
9 – Enthuse people with your energy, educate them with your wisdom and entertain them by making it interesting. That’s what the best teachers do.