Six ways to read a business book quickly!

How do you do it? This is a question I get frequently asked. So let us take one book as an example. As a rookie negotiator there are so many business books that will give you advice on negotiations. In “Win Win, How to get a winning result from persuasive negotiations” we distilled all the advice, tips and techniques into just one book.

We made each chapter clear and put in 118 tip top tips. They were put in simple easy to read boxes. Then we put in the 12 strategies to learn to make sure you have covered all the bases of negotiating. From preparation through to confidence. A fool proof guide to success when negotiating. Finally hotspots of negotiating were added, six vital additions of key issues that we all have to negotiate. From negotiating your salary to negotiating internationally.

Six ways to read a business book quickly, came about when I was discussing speed reading with a friend of mine Mike. He asked “What is your strategy for reading a business book? How can you manage to read 5 business books in a month? Here is the

Here are the – Six Ways To Read A Business Book Quickly

1 – Look at the index first. Choose the most interesting chapter.
2 – Open the chapter at the end and speed read the chapter summary
3 – Flick the chapter backwards, glancing down each page for some key information. When you find the information read it carefully. Highlighting the text or sticking a marker in it.
4 – Go to the next most interesting chapter. Repeat as above.
5 – If you start getting bored or distracted. Stop put the book down and leave it for another time.
6 – If you find it really interesting. Then go to the front and speed read it logically, with a highlighter pen.

Speed and focus are key to keeping the momentum going.

Sometimes you will find the book might not be worth reading after you have spent a little time on it. Then move on, time is limited.

Derek Arden, International speaker, negotiating expert and best selling author of Win Win