Question: I have a really poor memory, how do I improve it?

Answer – When I studied neuro-linguistics, I learnt that we never forget anything. It’s stored in the brain, but the recall is the problem. 

Improve your recall - one tip - to do lists.
To Do List

Here are six ways to improve your recall.

1 – Stop telling your non-conscious mind that you have a bad memory. By doing this you are doing two things – 

  • a – Giving yourself an excuse for not remembering and recalling. So you can forget things
  • b – Giving your brain a programme that says I have a bad memory. Which automatically becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In fact doing what hypnotists do giving your non-conscious mind suggestions. Congratulations at your self-hypnosis skills.

2 – Make notes. By making notes in your own handwriting, you are programming your memory, to remember and improve your recall. According to psychologist www.grahamjones.co.uk notes increases the bandwidth of your memory pathways in the brain increasing your capacity to recall.

3 – Keep lists and reminders with a TO DO LIST. A physical diary and a computer diary.

4 – Start telling yourself and complimenting yourself on what a good memory you have.

5 – In the words of Alison Moyet start telling yourself, “I choose never to forget

6 – And from Richard Bandler, the inventor of Neuro-Linguistics ask yourself, “How do you remember to forget”? That is a real skill!

So whether you are negotiating, leading a team or working for yourself.

A good recall system is vital – so improve your recall.