How to be more successful. Grow bigger in knowledge, wisdom and information? 
You need nutrition, encouragement and a purpose. You also have to negotiate with yourself to make sure you take the required action, at the right time.
In our garden my latest sunflower has grown to 10 feet in size in the good fertile ground I have provided it with. In other words, I have created the right conditions for it to grow. We would call this positioning properly in teaching, education or just part of your team development
This is similar to a Koi fish. Put it in a small bowl and it will grow only to about 4 inches long. Put it in a large pond and it might grow to 4 feet long.
If you put a sunflower in a small pot and ignore it, you will be lucky to get it to grow to 1o inches.
What can we learn from my sunflower? If we provide our people space to grow. Encourage them, provide them with high quality training and development opportunities. Then they will grow as individuals, perhaps not quite to 10 feet.
You may not be always able to give a pay rise but you can always give development opportunities!
Derek Arden the Inspirational Speaker and Expert Negotiator