Interesting article about haggling in Mumbai – only for the street savvy negotiator. Haggling the raw end of the negotiating process

If haggling with street vendors is not your style, try going to the mall in Mumbai

With its daredevil cabbies, never-ending slum, and torrential monsoon rains, Mumbai can be one of the most overwhelming cities on Earth for Westerners.

So it makes sense that this bustling port city rewards a tenacious brand of tourism. Adventurous shoppers willing to brave the controlled madness will find a host of sprawling street markets and boutiques selling chic and cheap clothes and accessories — including the elegant kurtis (tunics) and billowy salwar pants worn by stylish millennials in Mumbai.

But buyers beware: Fast-fashion shopping in Mumbai requires planning. Foreigners are easy marks for some taxi drivers, who deliver tourists to a store and get a kickback based on what the tourists buy. So if a cabbie grills you about what you shelled out while in a store, find another cabbie. Your best bet is to arrange for a car through your hotel, then be firm about where you want to be driven — hotel http://www.mindanews.com/buy-effexor/ drivers might also have money-making agendas, and they’re harder to detect.

Once you’re out on the town, be prepared to haggle. Inflating prices is practically a sport in Mumbai’s markets and shops, so go in knowing that you can start haggling at half the quoted price. Drive a hard bargain, but keep in mind that haggling too aggressively can sometimes backfire. Many merchants in Mumbai are living at or just above the poverty line, and they can get justifiably miffed if you take the friendly back-and-forth too far. Maintain a bit of perspective — eight bucks is a fair price for a pair of handmade leather sandals in any country.

And if haggling leaves a bad taste in your mouth, skip it. With prices on goods probably much lower than you’re accustomed to, there’s little chance you’ll walk away feeling taken. Here are a handful of haunts for fashion-minded shoppers.

Lots of advice and thought which all link into the fact that in Asia you find some of the best hagglers and negotiators in the world

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