27th – 30th July 2019 KEY COLORADO Bullets

Study, learn, and research

Denver – July 27th  – 30th 2019

Highlights for me

Cialdini- notes – Influence

Fripp – Presenting and pitching

Qubein – Motivation

Maxwell – Power

Zutchi – notes from $1m round table

John Maxwell– Masters of Influence award – Interviewed by Nido Qubein

Here are some of his answers

Sow seeds of greatness in people’s lives

Write books to extend influence to people you haven’t touched

If I want to improve my leadership skills what do I need to do?

Everyday – intentionally add value to people!


WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW                                  WHAT I NEED TO ASK

Do you care for me?Do I care?  
Can you help me?Can I help them?
Can I trust you/?Can they trust me?

A country is in trouble when the leaders don’t value the people

Leaders see things before other people.

Write 1stthing in the morning with a legal pad

When I write I anticipate how and what I write will help other people

Surround yourself by reminders of whom you are doing this for (anchors)

You are only as good as your last book

Your last talk

Your last blog

If you value people – they deserve your best work

Never rest on the best

Keep wanting to get better

From me to we

His books are based on

  • Relationships
  • Attitude / tenacity
  • Develop and train other people. From me to we
  • Leadership

Coaches are the legs to my legacy

Train leaders in developing countries

6m leaders in all countries? Teaching values in schools

Leadership defined in one word “Influence”

NIDO QUBEIN – language is always amazing

Great to see YOU

That’s amazing

An amazing business

Good morning – each and every one of you

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here

Taking a recess to reassess what you are doing?

The key is to capture the hearts and minds of people

Have faithful courage?

In the words of Viktor Frankel – When you know the why the how will come to you

Daniel Lubetzky inventor of Kind Bars – sold 40% to MARS

NQ – interviewed him and asked him  – What is your secret are you an optimist?

NO – I am an ACTIONIST – this word is filled with optimism

NQ asked Malcolm Gladwell– What is the source of danger for leaders or anyone. 

To become overconfident. Same with anything!!!


Patricia FRIPP

If someone you admire gives you advice, take action without question.

Welcome to,“How to become and remain a world-class presenter”

Make sure your clients know what else you do. 

You do not improve what you don’t know about

Coupon Codes!!!!  Check mine

Powerful, persuasive, presentations

Movement needs to match the words. I walked into his office, walked up to the desk

Dan Maddox said, “You need to know what your customers need. Do they know all the things that you do?”

Check the Fripp webinars with me

Mary had a problem. She was a seasoned HR professional

Set up phrase

Impact phrase

When Where

Who what happened

Didn’t quite understand this

Get into the scene late (me I suppose)

Characters have a back-story

Your audience loves to hear them speak

Stories must be true, but not 100% accurate

Do have interactivity – young people want to be involved. 

Question – Have you reinvented yourself, and if so how did you do it 

PF Answer – Jane Fonda said, “I am now entering the third act of my journey (aged 60). And now it’s beginning to make sense of the 1sttwo acts

The real answer is, “Always improving and adding to everything I do”.

Learning Point – Harvey Mackay, (“How to swim with the sharks without being eaten”) – (“When the tide goes out you will see who is swimming naked”) – aged 87 was sitting in the front row listening to every word of Fripp

REMINDERS– Be nice to your audience. Kind and respectful

Bartlett Tree Company, mystery shopped for them. Great idea for clients in selling


Alex Knoll – A 14 year old teenager on the main stage. Has invented an app for people with disabilities

1.14 billion people in the world with disabilities

Two key dates in your life. The day you were born and the day you find out why. Mark Twain said it

Giving may improve our physical health. From the mouths of babes I think this is spot on!

The best thing you can do for someone? – Be an ability ambassador for others.

Erik Weihenmayer– Blind man who climbed Everest

Still limits – No barriers. Book

What is within us is stronger than what is in our way

At the heart of a team is trust

When you get to the summit you are only half way there. You have got to get down.

I am reminded of, “Be careful how you treat people on the way up, they will remember when you are on the way down” (who said it) My friend Wally Wade told me

The world is crying out for Alchemy

Jay Baer

On the Internet in order of effectiveness

1 – People sharing your posts

2 – Comments on your posts

3 – Likes of your posts

Drive them from a YouTube viewer to a YouTube subscriber

33% of consumers use email more now

Video twice as popular as podcasts (record my briefing?

Ford Saks – Drop the F bomb– WHATS THE BS 


Clients don’t know what they don’t know  – unconscious incompetence

You don’t go to a fat person to get thin

You don’t go to a poor person to get rich

You don’t go to a person that has been married three times for marriage guidance

Its not what you know – its what you deliver

Bill Bacharach

I recorded the interviews / conversations – took the best bits for you

You want a bidding war

Care re expert buyer – amateur seller

Care re Amateur buyer – expert seller

Show me the numbers

Bill Cates – People will pay more for  – in descending order

  1. Leadership – (negotiation)
  2. Sales
  3. Customer service

Darnyelle Jervey-Harmon – and Delatorro McNeil

Live events allow you go deeper

People can Google content

Can’t Google experience and wisdom

TMC – Graham

Pre launch

Post launch

Register for your own event?

This was a real full on US talk!!

Sam Horne – wordsmith

Richard Branson said, “Time is the new money”

Condense 30 years of doing into  – 2 years of writing

Into one KEYNOTE / Master class / Workshop

Someday is not a day of the week (get her book?)

At the moment of truth, there are either reasons or results

Stormy– Using Maslow? 

Buyer needs security

Need to make safe decisions

Street Smarts – Lines and thoughts – headers

Sow seeds of greatness in people’s lives

Write books to extend influence to people I haven’t touched”

Negotiation tips that really work

How to overcome the fear of negotiating

If you had access to the truth, could you make better decisions?

22 corporate planning mistakes to avoid

22 Negotiating mistakes to avoid

22 Networking mistakes to avoid

New Newsletter today

Slides on screen – BLACK ON WHITE / WHITE ON BLACK for my webinars TTT

Descriptive language

Negotiation tips that really work

How to overcome the fear of negotiating

Innovative upgrades

Be nice to your audience. Kind and respectful

I INTERVIEWED and I asked him – and this is what he said (so its paraphrased) and you can listen or watch the whole interview. (The power of authority).

NQ – People like him go out and pave highways for people

Success framed with significance, kindness, generosity and stewardship

Imprinted on everybody

Encoded on everybody

His circles of influence go beyond anything we can imagine

He is a Philanthropist– a friend of human kind – a very noble trait to have

“Well good”, to handle a “teller” after a session or during it.

I recorded the interviews – took the best bits for you


Feeding back to people, who have just done their best in a learning situation

1 – What did I like about your presentation?

2 – What did I learn from you?

3 – What did I appreciate about you?

Did Kevin recommend – Alfred Adlar and Richard Dreikurs


           BA card

           Virgin Card


Trip advisor


Ryman’s discount card – or a Derek Card

Marriott – for upgrades as well. You get silver

Why would you put your expenses on anything else except a points card?


Venetian – day in Vegas. They waived the resort fee

Resort fee – After I said I will complain to my travel agent

Terry Brock

Meeting – September


SIMON – Z Attended the Million dollar speakers roundtable group

Case studies in my newsletter.

 I want to share this case study with you. 

Learning points

How I have helped someone

Rev.com – captions on your video –and translated

Buy the selfie stick that doesn’t waiver

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