Five reasons to negotiate in a coffee shop to get a better deal. I am a great fan of negotiating on neutral territory. It tends to be easier, being offsite. People are more friendly and any tension is often diluted. Let’s take a look at the five most important reasons that you might like to consider it.

1 – Neutral Ground.

This dilutes tension and makes the negotiations more friendly. It means it’s not my place or your place with the advantages and disadvantages which goes with home turf. People in your office are bound to feel more uncomfortable and perhaps more intimidated. That can be good if that is what you want but is not necessarily good for a “Win Win”

2 – You can sit at a round table which avoids a them and us situation.

King Arthur was right with the Knights of the Round table. They knew a thing or two about getting agreement more easily. Take the shortest route. Ockhams razor!

3 – You buy the coffee.

The Law of Reciprocity says that if you give something to someone unconditionally. Like a gift, a present or buy a drink etc the other person will feel obliged to return the favour. It is the favour that counts, not the value of the favour. So coaching, mentoring, advice counts the same. However Robert Cialdini, the expert psychologist from the University of Arizona in Phoenix, says in his ground breaking books, often you have to remind people by saying something like “I know you will do the same for me”

4 – You can build rapport more easily.

You can have more small talk easier seeing the person face to face. You can see their reactions and deal with it. It’s 5 times more difficult with body language to hide the truth or your true feelings. You can mirror and match their body language, their tone and speed of voice, together with the language they use. You can pick up how they feel, how they are thinking much more easily

It has been said that ten minutes of facetime. Can be worth two hours of emails going back and forth

5 – Coffee is good for you as the article says.

It can protect you from heart disease. It fires you up getting your brain and body going etc

Derek Arden is an International Speaker and Negotiation Expert. Author of 10 books and a commentator for the media. To use him at your conference, awayday or training and make more money, call him now.