Derek – Thanks for another great briefing – delighted to hear that I was the second fastest reader (working on the logic that you don’t have any other Tasmanians subscribed, now that may be presumptuous of me!) Clearly I’ve missed my calling and should be running a bank somewhere…

Meant to reply last time and say that I attended a one-day seminar in London organised via Warwick Business School alumni association, some years ago. Got great value out of it and continue to share your briefings, so people here enjoy them as well. Will probably return to the UK at some point and would like to do another seminar or course – unless of course you find yourself in Aus someday in the meantime!  Bryony Fitzgerald – Tasmania, Australia


I have been a subscriber to your briefings since inception; I also share certain editions with my son who works in the USA.
Anyway, keep smiling and keep the interesting buy clomid uk online briefings coming. They are much appreciated. (Hopefully that will count as genuine unsolicited praise!!)

Hi Derek – I wanted to thank you for sending on your inspiring briefings throughout 2015. I always look forward to them and in fact with the sheer weight of emails I’ve had this year in particular (what is going on with people?!) my reward for clearing a slew of emails (what is the collective term?) is to read your briefing!

I trust that you will have a great 12 months and will reflect how much energy you have put out in to the world and how much the ripples of that energy have sparked other people to get out there and JUST DO IT! – Paul

Mr. Paul Maslowski – Information Manager | CRN: East Midlands | NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN)


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