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Welcome to November’s Briefing. Thank you for opening it. In this editionI cover the success masterclass we are running for the second time. The
power of words. The question, is training a cost or an investment? Finally the tricky Brexit negotiation question that keeps being asked.
SUCCESS – I have been studying successful people for over 20 years,
interviewing them, reading their books and going on their workshops and seminars.
What stands out is that they are all serial learners. Never missing out on
learning more in today’s fast changing environment with the issues we all face.
These successful people have an enormous amount of energy to help
others. It was with this in mind that Graham Jones and I decided to run
Dynamic Success Masterclass and share what we have learnt and then
put into practice. Click here
 If you, one of your colleagues or family, join us on 22nd November we
will be covering the 17 vital success techniques.
The subjects included are
Influencing,Persuasion, Handling conflict, Presenting, Negotiating, Selling
yourself, Networking, Resilience and handling stress, Positivity and
self-motivation, Reading body language
We only have three places left on 22nd November, Central London just 2 minutes from Marble Arch  www.topmasterclass.co.ukDon’t miss out. 

Words are very powerful influencers. I have noticed that successful  people use power words.
Here are some words to download that energise and influence.   
Energy Enhancing Words.
————-Three words I like to use are Contagious, Curious and
Contagious – People’s energy and enthusiasm can be contagious. Share

yours with other people. Smiling is contagious. When someone smiles at you it is really difficult not to smile back.
Curious – You can never upset anyone by being curious. Curious how they are thinking, curious where they are coming from or curious why they said something. Curious is a useful negotiators word for digging down
into the real issues.
Courtesy – It costs nothing to be courteous and respectful to other people. I had dinner with an 86 year old friend last week Geoff. He told me that
he felt courtesy was at an all time low in his lifetime. I am curious why
this should be? Send me your thoughts?

The latest “Meet the Experts” interviews are here to download  –www.negotiatorspodcast.co.uk

Is training a cost or an investment? This is a question that people have asked for thousands of years. 
There is only one answer. It’s an investment.
If we want the best people, we need to train them. A trained person
will be more efficient and more productive. They will also be more motivated and loyal to the company that is investing in them. They are then
motivated to pass the knowledge on to others.
Click here to download my 50 top negotiation reminders.
I am always getting questions on the Brexit negotiations. Here is a
question I got last week at a meeting of book editors. They transcribed my answers which I have cut and pasted below.
DEREK – Is there anything we can learn from the Brexit negotiations, as we perceive they are not going well?
MY ANSWER – There are lots we can learn!
1 – The word Brexit changes most people’s mood downwards. We are
bombarded by negative press that tends to get under our skin constantly. Negotiation Learning Point  – Nothing will be achieved in a negotiation or
in life unless we are positive with a touch of realism.
2 – There’s so much going on in the EU and it is so culturally and
politically diverse. Portugal and Greece are on the southern edge; the
Baltic States on the northern edge.  Some countries were desperate to join others wondering why they joined.Negotiation Learning Point – It’s very
difficult to get a Win Win result when you have 27 parties with different
agendas. That is why it is taking so long. Patience is needed in difficult
negotiations. The 80/20 rule applies in Negotiations. 80% of the concessions come in the last 20% of the negotiation time. 3 – Prime Minister Cameron
didn’t think he’d get re-elected. So he promised a referendum. Having won he then had to try to soften 27 countries up to support us. He tried by
having meetings with all the heads of state, and then called the
referendum, lost and resigned. Negotiation Learning Point – If you believe
in something, never ever give up. Didn’t Winston Churchill say that?
4 – David Cameron was a remainer. However I couldn’t understand why
he didn’t appear on TV in the last week of the referendum to support his
case. Cameron and Osborne disappeared from TV in the last week, while
Johnson and Leadsom were on TV every night.Negotiation Learning Point – If you believe in something you have to keep presenting your strong case
in a very professional pitch
5 – So we are leaving on 19th March. Mrs May spends a year trying to get a deal and is now having issues negotiating with her own party. 
Negotiation Learning Point – The internal negotiations can be much more
difficult than the external negotiations. 

Let other people catch your energy. As a Professional Speakers that is
part of our job. Enthusing and energising an audience even when we are discussing a key business subject like negotiation. A subject that will
affect your bottom line results. Masterclasses, conference keynotes
speeches, lectures, workshops and small group mentoring. 
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