Plan Prepare and Practice.Remember the 6p’s. Proper, preparation, prevents, pretty, poor, performance.

What are your BP – TP – WAP – AP? – (Best position, Target Position, Walk away position, Alternative position)

What do you visualize as their BP – TP – WAP – AP?

           Have you checked your positions to the current market conditions?

           What is the basis of your estimate of theirs?

What are your ‘tradeables / variables?’

Tangible – Price, fee / other business / tariffs etc.

What are your intangible ‘tradeables / variables?’

           Extras / your relationship / hospitality / networking / leads / reciprocity etc.

How are you going to trade concessions?

           Start high? Start realistically to the local market?

           Why do you think this will be best?

           What ‘variables / tradeables’ will you use?

           Come down in small amounts

           If you  – then we could / we might


           Does the customer price match, talk to other competitors, have other accounts, play hardball.

           What legitimate tactics might you use? Higher authority, good guy / bad guy?

           Have you considered having someone else at the meeting? 

           How will you handle dirty tactics?

Quality questions to break a deadlock

           How far are we apart?

           What would I have to do to get this deal?

           What would I have to do to get a part of your business?

           Would that work for you?

           What is the offer from the other party?

           Could you let me have a copy to put in our file for Head Office?

Remember – People buy people – What’s in your toolbox?

“If you think hiring a professional negotiator is expensive – try hiring an amateur”