Confience in Business – Derek Arden With Jon Baker

Kate Atkin is studying for a PHD on imposter phenomenon (syndrome). In this Monday Night Live show she discusses confidence and courage.

Confidence grows by taking action.

Best to look at the keywords to see what this session is all about.

  • Arrogance
  • Self-Efficiency
  • Fears we are born with – the rest are learned
  • Muscle Memory
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Psychological States
  • Vicarious Experiences
  • Mastering Experiences
  • Courage – with Mnemonic


From Alex Kent : Does confidence always come from experience or is there such a thing as innate confidence?
From Iffet Burton : For me confidence is only when I know my subject fairly well. Otherwise I will not speak. Will not join a conversation. The issue is that you are often told by others what you are good at. Is that Confidence or Imposter phenomenon?
From Nigel Kirby : Is confidence akin to muscle memory?
From Iffet Burton : Is it part of the nature vs nurture debate?
From Iffet Burton : is too much ‘push through’, ‘bullish’?
From Nigel Kirby : Kate you talk more about confidence bias and acts of being hubris
From Jon Lisby : Confidently “Faking it till you make it” – seems to be an approach that has worked for me!
From Godfrey Lancashire : surely social confidence differs from confidence in a skill or action which will improve with practice
From Iffet Burton : So a superior asks to have a word/meeting – instinctively is the Head Teacher / my father is going to tell me off! Even at 50+ not lost that.
From Nigel Kirby : Short term discomfort for long term comfort.
From Alex Kent : Jon – you have to be sufficiently confident to fake it?
From Will Kintish : When you practise, practise, practise, it becomes practice
From Iffet Burton : What about the fact that for every 1 negative I said in a classroom I had to say 3 positive to a child. So for adults that does not follow through and I recently had cause to comment on this with my LM. He has been overly complimentary as a result. So is that what happens to those of us who are not fully Extrovert but confident? I still have to check – I am a good person/I am good at this or that with my friends or husband.
From Derek Arden : elated
From Alex Kent : Proud
From Tim Durkin : pride
From Jon Lisby : Satisfaction
From Iffet Burton : I am sitting here and smilling away. beeming. Wow I did all that?!
From Godfrey Lancashire : joy, achievement, relief, pride
From Paul Coleman : proud
From Alex Kent : Kate – the things which you have asked participants to write down are what I call “nourishers”
From Iffet Burton : One of my mentors when I was first teaching told me to have a box for all the positives from school. Letters/cards and pick the best to reflect on when you are feeling low. Love that. I can create a picture wall. Put it on my PC.
From Tim Durkin : Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less. C.S. Lewis
From Jill English : Doing what I call ‘going into customer service’ mode (what do these people need to know form me?) is one of my tips for dealing with interview nerves
From Iffet Burton : I did a calendar for the family in that way and it really gave the family a lift.
From Nigel Kirby : Great metaphor for change of state
From Iffet Burton : The only thing that is certain is change
From Iffet Burton : That was amazing. Thank you so much.
From Alan McCulloch : Great talk, thanks
From Nigel Kirby : Could also use the confidence wall concept for conducting annual appraisals



Derek Arden

Kate Atkin