My notes from the Global Speakers Convention in Denver.
At the Gaylord Rockies Hotel, Colorado. July 27th – 30th

Tip Top Tips

1 – To get video transcribed


  • They will put captions on it
  • They will transcribe it
  • Simon Zutchi does it

2 – USE CASE STUDIES in your newsletter – 

Use Q+A to make video’s put them on Vimeo / YouTube

3 – Bob Cialdini Interviewed.
The short cuts to Influence and Persuasion

1 – Top of website – expert testimonials

If pitching, testimonials should come from person most like the person you are pitching to…..

2 – Introductions – should be substantial

All of your credentials

We forget to tell people on our websites, and our bios, the amount of effort we have done for them to get to this level of expertise and how it will help them.

You must not make the assumption people find out others wise.

Get the introducer to give you the GURU status you deserve, by reading your substantial Bio and your life long investment in learning.  Which you will share for their benefit, today or at another time, as a private client.

3 – Reciprocity  – What specifically can a speaker give
  • On website – it should be more than information about us
  • It could be a quiz or an article
  • Or it could be say, “The 5 mistakes worst mistakes that people make……”
  • Reciprocity is a two way street. People will expect the favour returned and will remember.

If we do them a favour– 

  • We need to big it up. No assumptions they will get it (some won’t)
  • Let me tell you what I have done to change the date to help you out.
  • The ask might be, “Could you possibly move your talk form the start to the beginning”
  • But tell them that you were able to do for them
  • NOT no problem
  • Tell them what you did to do it – in full detail, make no assumptions they know what you have done for them
  • And then use this line GOLDDUST line “You know I was glad to do it – because I know if the situation was reversed you would do the same for me”
4 – Scott McCain for a booking he does this BUT he has 4 staff?
  • Pre call
  • Then put my slides together go through with you
  • Then a video – On what you said and we constructed this presentation for you
  • Then a follow up video
  • Then offer other services for you
  • What should we do that is realistic?
5 – Linkedin

On the Internet in order of effective

  1. People sharing your posts
  2. Comments on your posts
  3. Likes of your posts

So I have tested posts since I got back.

Of the seven posts this week.

The post that was shared by Simon Zutchi with a comment, got twice as many views as the next post; where I asked a question and added some experts on the statement (Graham Jones and Simon Hazeldine); and twice as many as the next post.

The post with a video, got the lowest number of views.

 Most of the posts I see are blatant marketing for the writer rather than information for the reader.

It’s a pity more people don’t get it.

Win Win is about sharing information, isn’t it?

6 – What sells at the highest price?

People will pay more for  – in descending order

  1. Leadership – (negotiation?)
  2. Sales
  3. Customer service
7 – John Maxwell

Leadership in one word– INFLUENCE

Leadership means trusting; that’s my version as you can’t influence if the person doesn’t trust you.

www.derekarden.co.uk–   11 August 2019  

Best wishes with all that you do.