Wenger’s touchline demeanour is reflecting his team. watching Arsenal come out for the match against Manchester City, was like watching a bunch of losers before they started. They had their heads downwhere as Manchedter City had their heads up. Its not surprising that Arsenal were one down in 5 minutes. It was predictable to the 60000 crowd who were watching.

The manager is of course at the centre of this. he wants to stay apparerently yet his unguarded body language says he is leaving. There has never been a period like this in Arsene Wenger’s entire 21 years at Arsenal and it does now also seem to be impacting on his touchline demeanour.

Wenger has never been as animated with his instructions in the technical area as Pep Guardiola but he is still generally a big pitchside presence for much of the game. He has talked previously of needing that close physical attachment to his team and, for all the superiority of the view from the directors’ box, he hated being forced to serve a three-game touchline n.

Yet there has been a definite change in the last few weeks. At West Brom he barely left the bench and, aside from the two Arsenal goals here, he again barely moved. Away from the games, Wenger has actually seemed surprisingly relaxed during this past month but his match-day disposition is reflective of the uncertainty coursing through the club.

What does this say – it says that everyone feels in their mind that he has lost the plot. In negotiations watch the body language it says everything you need to know.

The negotiating speaker – Mr Negotiator