When I was negotiating with a recent client, I noticed they weren’t listening to what I was saying. If someone is not listening, it is a good idea to send them an email confirmation afterwards. This because hardball competitive people may try and deny the agreement later. This is what I did and when they queried it a few months later, I was able to re send the email.

Active disciplined listening

Active disciplined listening requires 100% concentration. No distractions, no head chatter, no thinking about what you are going to say next. Just focus on what they are saying. Not saying, the body language and the voice internation.


Do not be distracted. You may miss some vital information. We all get distracted sometimes. So when going to an important meeting, one that meets the criteria of Parrot’s Law 80/20 take some with you. Take an observer someone smart enough to read the signals, suss out the real agenda

Finally, never forget, listen is an anagram of silent. Stay silent with your mouth and silent in your head. Avoid head chatter, that voice in your head that chatters away. Focus on listening.

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