When you are negotiating, it is really important to be in the right state. Not in a “right state” as some people say.

Here are some motivational tips which link around how you handle yourself, whether in a negotiation or any other business of life situation

  • The ability to change your “state” or somebody else’s is powerful. If you are feeling depressed you will have physiology – hunched shoulders and eyes looking down. If you change that physiology to upright tall posture with eyes looking up – it is very difficult to feel depressed.
  • There are many issues that affect your state, how you feel – do not forget that even the weather makes a big difference. On a bright sunny day we will feel much better than on a dark gloomy winter’s day. Being aware of this can make you feel better – and force you to do something about it.
  • In hospitals experiments are used with laughter, to produce endorphins, and there has been remarkable improvements in peoples’ health. Try exaggerated laughter, its infectious. Mentally or even physically go to the shower and wash the past away if you are feeling depressed.
  • Recall a time in the past when you have felt sensational. Why was it? Anchor that feeling by doing something like touching a certain part of your body. After practice you can change your state back to that “sensational” feeling by touching that part of your body and engaging the chemicals in your brain. This is called triggering the feeling.

NB – Recognise your own triggers that set off negative thoughts. Raise your conscious awareness to what does it – and alter what you do. Often it can be people. Do not catch the ”NEGS” negative energy. Carry your own “Neg Repellent” something that stops the transference to you of the negativity. Energy is catching – both high energy and low energy. We all know people with both and in their company it is very easy to find we are copying them.

“What is important is not what happens to us – but how we respond to what happens to us”
Jean –Paul Sartre 1905 – 1980

The Negotiation Speaker – Mr Negotiator –


Try this formula – W + H = O

W =What happens to us                                  – Usually out of our control

H = How we react to it                          – In our control

O= The outcome that we get               – The outcome we get



Quick Fix Positive State


Exhale everything – 3 deep breaths, great posture, tap the throat chakra, and trigger your success anchors