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Derek is an a position to offer a rather unique and exclusive service to a limited number of clients / charities a year.

He chooses to donate a portion of his time to a number of charities. The philosophy of giving resource to good causes is to maximise the value for the organisation in the minimum amount of time.

An example of this is Oxfam. Where using 20 years of business and  negotiation expertise, we were able to help  Oxfam re-negotiate their finance charges saving over £200,000 a year on what they were paying one bank.   Over 5 years this equates to an extra £1m of aid to places like Haiti at no cost to Oxfam.

John Shaw the Finance Director of Oxfam said “Derek’s knowledge and experience have been incredibly valuable in helping Oxfam renegotiate our bank charges. In particular his drive, energy and negotiation skills have helped us secure savings of over £200,000 reducing our total payments for these services by over 50%. Derek is also sharing his business and negotiation skills with a series of short “Masterclass” training events, which are very positively received and already beginning to make a difference.


As well as the value of our time, knowledge and expertise we also tythe 10% of our income to good causes and organise a charity golf day on behalf of DisabilityChallengers where we are priviledged to be patrons.

If you are a charity and would like to have a chat, attend the golf day with clients or join our small group of helpers then email.

Philip Binns said when introducing Derek at the annual Charities Facilities Management Conference

“Before joining the Oxfam Team Derek had a proper job with a proper salary!

Employed by a major financial institution, Derek was responsible for handling negotations for staggering amounts and of staggering proportions, and was repeatedly asked to take on new problems because of his proven ability to come up with good results and new directions. He can provide a very interesting perspective on what motivates, inspires and controls the actions of others in pressure negotiation situations –  what signs to look for, when to concede ground, when to push ahead and when to sneak in the back door when nobody is looking!

After very many successful years in the corporate world Derek explored new avenues for his skills, experience and interests. Oxfam were very fortunate to secure his services and reap the rewards. Initially employed in an advisory role on helping streamline banking services Derek very quickly rolled his sleeves up and got involved at a practical level. The considerable financial benefits of this first project were followed by negotiation training and advice on a multitude of other diverse areas varying from Brand sponsor negotiations to negating the impact of the ‘banking crisis’ upon Oxfam.

I am sure you will enjoy listening to what Derek has to say, he is no stranger to the camera or large audiences, and Oxfam highly regards his qualities as a ‘sounding board’ when looking for a way forward in difficult times.

Finally as someone who has ‘been round the block’ a few times I am sure Derek will appreciate the value of your feedback and questions so please do take the opportunity to use this time to re-evaluate your own challenges with a new perspective”.

Philip Binns – Head of Purchasing & Supply – Oxfam

Contact  – Derek@derekarden.co.uk  – NOW

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