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We really did save the best until last, I thought your 2014 presentation to our leisure conference was just right for the occasion, both challenging and thought provoking” Steve Murcer – Director Leisure Sector, NatWest.

When I wanted a fantastic speaker for a masterclass. Who did I think of immediately? Derek Arden. Derek attracted 450 people for the motivational and educational, negotiation seminar in Ljubljana”. Robert Rolih, Managing Director – Pante de Rey, Slovenia

Simply the best speaker we have had on negotiating – Ovanes Ovanessian – Conference Organiser – Sofia, Bulgaria  

I will show you how to upgrade your negotiation skills, which will grow your profits, decrease your costs and improve your profits. You will be enabled to get what you want, when you want it. If you seriously want higher sales, more profitable sales and happier clients, then you are in the right place.

Derek Arden is unique as a negotiator, a speaker and a masterclass trainer. Originally trained as a banker when it was a Profession, he has worked in sales, risk management and is the Chairman of several companies and not for profit associations. He has negotiated and spoken from Melbourne to Manchester, Stockholm to Singapore. if you use Derek you get a unique blend of practical experience, massive knowledge and wisdom. More importantly you will get guaranteed results for you, your people and your bottom line profit. All in a fun way with a serious intent.

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Do you want your team to make more money? Be more successful and have less worries? Good negotiators produce results that are up to 100% better to the profit line than average negotiators. They also handle conflict better, people situations and have more confidence. Contact us now.

Confidence when Negotiating and presenting is a vital component of success. Derek spends much of his time helping others to negotiate, speak and present better.

A negotiator, a speaker and a presenter for over 25 years, Derek’s wealth of experience is focused on helping others get better deals, sell more at a higher price and enhance all relationships.

Derek is the immediate past president of the Professional Speaking Association of Great Britain. He holds the highest accolades in the UK which means that he is an expert in helping others. His keynotes, masterclasses and workshops are massively educational – all based on fun with a serious intent. The serious intent being INCREASING YOUR PROFITS, your results and your confidence.

Derek’s has authored recent books  “Power Negotiating, Presenting Phenomenally and Reading Body Language.” They are the distilled wisdom of speaking, negotiating and being an international businessman for over 30 years. When you ask Derek to work with you: you get wisdom, ideas and practical common sense. He has appeared on TV, radio and the National newspapers both here and overseas

On ITV  Derek was introduced “Derek the negotiation expert from Surrey will show us how to negotiate the best deals”

As a Mentor and Coach Derek has Mentored and Coached many CEO’s, high flyers, business owners and speakers, with his vast range of skills.

I have worked alongside Derek for the last 5 years as both a motivational speaker and as the President of the Professional Speaking Association UK. He is without a shadow of a doubt one of life’s great thinkers / doers and succeeders! He forever brings great energy to a room whilst whipping delegates into shape to succeed in developing themselves and their business. Derek is a natural born leader and you will be hard pushed to find a more genuine person. Whether you decide to book him for a 1:1 or to speak at your event – you’ll be delighted with the results. I would highly recommend him (and I do).”

Geoff Ramm, Marketing Speaker

The Businessman – In the role of Chief Executive of the Professional Speaking Association 2012 Derek turned round an operating loss of £8000 into a profit of £25,000 on a turnover of £100,000 in one year. Increased the membership from 220 to 312 and the number of regions from four to seven.

The Speaker – Motivational results. Derek is the former President of the Professional Speaking Association 2012. The highest accolade in the UK. In the last 20 years Derek has given more than 5000 live presentations of various sizes. He is one of only 35 people to hold the highly coveted award of Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association.

The Negotiator – Derek has been negotiating at a high level for over 20 years. He has studied the subject at Harvard, written books on the subject and his Masterclasses are serious value.

The Business Consultant Derek quickly identifies the issues that create added value and focuses on what will increase sales, profits and staff retention. He trains and mentors the important people personally. He is working with two companies at present to help them maximise their value for a sale in 2013.

Here is a clip of Derek working with the Saracens Rugby Club on Business Negotiation skills.

Alan Stevens, President of the Global Speakers Federation, says, “I have heard Derek speak on negotiation, from Melbourne to Manchester. I never get tired of hearing his inspirational presentations which are full of business nuggets to use in win win situations.” Derek is a visiting lecturer at Warwick University Business School and Surrey University Business School MBA courses.

“Derek is one of the good guys, honest and genuine. He is a true expert in his field. He attended my Platinum Mastermind group and delivered an excellent master class in the art of negotiation. Members of my group reported positive results within days of applying the knowledge Derek shared. His style is inspirational and informative. He generously delivers tremendous value within a very short space of time. He is someone I can always turn to for help and advice. A great speaker, great presenter — and now a great friend.”

Steve Clarke, Millionaire Mentor

When the media need someone to call upon to talk about negotiating, influencing and body language and, Derek is often their man. Just a look through the titles of the Business Success Books and CDs Derek has written and recorded will reveal why.

Derek is a  brilliant speaker and the former President of the Professional Speaking Association.He is one of only 85 people to hold the highly coveted award of Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association. He is a great trainer and a mentor. We worked for me in Estonia at our convention. Anu Vask Estonian Trade mission

“If you want your audience to be engaged, enthused and overall thoroughly impressed with your event you have to hire Derek as your speaker. His knowledge of negotiating is second to none, and passion of the subject shines through when he encourages the audience to participate in an interactive workshop. We’d definitely ask Derek to speak at one of Business Builder Forums again.” Meades and Co –

Derek is charming with a steely resolve, what a powerful combination Peter Thomson you can learn his secrets.

He is the only person in the United Kingdom to be a Fellow of the following three Institutions. Professional Speaking Association, Chartered Institute of Management and the IFS School of Finance.

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